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Good Habits of Leadership Training

Good Habits of Leadership Training

August 2017 Newsletter Update:

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Dear Don,

If world-class Athletes Need A Coach  
Everyday ... So Does Your Team!
Each day you are making a choice about your team's alignment, engagement, ownership, accountability and commitment.

The left side of this simple coaching model shows five coaching habits that drive reliable performance. This is the side of choice.  On a daily basis leaders choose whether to take these actions. Their choices influence the right side of the model - results.

If You Choose Your HABITS, Then You Must Take Responsibility for Your RESULTS
Each of you is responsible for the choices you make and the results you ultimately achieve. If you choose not to build these coaching habits, you must accept these predictable outcomes:
  • Instead of Alignment, you get Confusion
  • Instead of Engagement, you get Disengagement
  • Instead of Ownership, you get Entitlement
  • Instead of Accountability, you get Blame
  • Instead of Commitment, you get Compliance
These coaching habits are based on natural human dynamics and needs. It's pretty simple. And, these habits work across generations, industries and cultures - because they meet human needs in the workplace.

It is easy for things to get in the way of these habits, but if you say "yes" to those things, you are saying "no" to reliable team performance.

Coaching for reliable performance is not a "salt and pepper" practice. You cannot sprinkle on a little explaining here and appreciation there and expect reliability. You must be consistent.

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