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CA Summertime ... And It's A Hot One!

July 2017 Newsletter Update #2:

JULY#2 - 2017
 Summer Is Here . . .  And It's HOT 
With the heat of summer in full swing, California employers covered by CA Regulations  Code, (Title 8, Section 3395) who have employees who work outdoors should review their practices to ensure that they are complying with current Cal/OSHA's Heat Illness Prevention requirements.

With the High Heat conditions we are experiencing now, Cal/OSHA will be Watching and Inspecting employers to ensure that they follow this heat-related regulations:
  • Free, Cool Water
  • Access to Shade
  • High-Heat Procedures (written)
  • Training for Employees (documented)
  • Emergency Response Procedures (written)
  • Acclimatization
  • Heat Illness Prevention Plan (written)
If you have not already done so, every California employer should develop and implement an effective Heat Illness Prevention Plan for their employees, including:
  1. Procedures for providing sufficient water
  2. Procedures for providing access to shade
  3. High-heat procedures
  4. Emergency response procedures
  5. Acclimatization methods and procedures
These regulations are for the employer's protection  and employees.  
Enforcement of these Heat Illness laws is intensifying,
which means employers  can't afford to ignore them!
These regulations are for the employer's protection as well as the employees. Enforcement of these Cal/OSHA Heat Illness Laws is intensifying, which means that employers cannot afford to ignore them!

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