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April 2017 Newsletter Update #2

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April 2017 Newsletter Update #2:

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Update#2 - April 2017


Defusing Disputes and Squabbles
Defusing Disputes and Squabbles
Dear Don,
   Worker's Comp Changes in July    

The California Workers' Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau is filing a proposed rate reduction for California workers' compensation insurance "pure premium" rates on average to become effective July 1, 2017.
These are to be suggested or base rates for insurers, and are average for all classifications.

Some Employment Classifications Would See Higher Classifications & Others Lower Proposed Rate Changes.

The proposed rate reductions are based on all insurers experience through December, 2016, and also lower insurer costs.  Southern California continues to see an increase in cumulative trauma claims, which are costly and difficult for employers to control and defend.

What Employers Should Focus On:
  1. Day of injury procedures to contain costs,
  2. Verify whether a claim is true or fraudulent
  3. Return injured workers back to work, the very next day if possible (average cost of claims where employee returns to work next day is $700, if employee does not return the next day, average is $73,000- source WCIRB).
  4. Intervention of nurse consultants to assist with difficult, long-term injuries
  5. Aggressive safety investigation and safety plans for accident prevention and OSHA compliance
Our CalWorkSafety.com can help you with these issues.
Welcome New Cal Work Safety Team Members 

David Brodeur is well known for creating innovative and user friendly Human Resources solutions for small to medium size businesses throughout Southern California. He has more than 20 years of experience in Employee Relations, Team Building, Conflict Resolution and installation of HR Infrastructure. He has worked with national employers in financial services, education, storage and food service.

He has his Master of Arts in Organizational Development with an emphasis in Management and Leadership from Webster University.   
Edward Li, Safety Consultant 
Edward Li has an advanced education in Mechanical Engineering, with 36 years of experience in consulting. He is familiar with managing large teams of employees in companies utilizing everything from high speed manual and automated machinery to state of the art, high accuracy medical and aerospace equipment. 

Edward also has expertise working with attorneys in crash investigations. He is quick to recognize areas of potential risk long before they become a risk.
CalWorkSafety helps with training for your managers and supervisors in these skills. We also can assist you in understanding the underlying causes of workplace conflicts and offer you steps to get back on track for a productive and efficient environment.      

Cal Work Safety Helps Employers Understand The Latest Regulations About Worker's Compensation
To Help Them Stay Out of Trouble! 
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