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April 2017 Newsletter Update

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April 2017 Newsletter Update:

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Update - April 2017
Defusing Disputes and Squabbles


Dear Don,
Defusing Disputes and Squabbles 
You hire professionals to work side by side, completing tasks to provide services and products for your customer. But what if your employees don't get along and results begin to suffer?

When conflicts arise and squabbles between employees persist, they could create a contentious environment,
and affect productivity and service due to ongoing distractions from counterproductive bickering. 
Okay ... So What Do You Do Next? 
Ideally, management steps up and quickly addresses counterproductive and unprofessional behavior in the workplace. But all too often, they presume controversy among co-workers will work itself out on its own.  This approach is simply irresponsible and can even be dangerous.

When a manager fails to address and correct squabbles among staff when these disputes arise, senior management must 'coach' the manager on techniques for managing employee relations.

Inaction Is Failure   

Failing to quickly respond to arguments between employees and the resulting adversity caused in a department - or entire workplace - is dangerous. Management must be confident in addressing and resolving difficult conversations with staff. Disagreements, even small ones, often fester and expand, making the resolution to make amends and broadening the impact to others far more troublesome.
Management and employees must all take ownership to ensure a safe and comfortable work environment free of bullying, arguments, and unresolved conflict. Once small squabbles occur they can quickly grow into an allegation of harassment, discrimination, bullying, and even workplace violence.

Do You Hear The Alarm Bells Yet?  

Now is the time for management to step up!  They must address matters of discontent between workers, place everyone on firm notice that while employees do not have to be best friends at work, they are expected to interact professionally and with mutual respect for one another at all times.  
If action is taken with no resolution, the corrective
action should be monitored to determine if the
approach was too light or indirect.

Other reasons are management skills and the consideration for removal of the bickering workers. Simply separating workers may not be sufficient and may not even resolve the friction; in fact, the friction may fester and impact multiple departments under this misconceived apprroach.

Simple Steps to Smooth Squabbles
Handling conflict is the only resolution to squabbles, and it starts with management. Ensure that your management team has:
  1. Knowledge and training on how to handle difficult conversations. 
  2. Skills to manage conflict.
  3. Confidence to address issues in the moment for long term resolution.
  4. Resources & support in course correcting behavior and performance concerns
CalWorkSafety helps with training for your managers and supervisors in these skills. We also can assist you in understanding the underlying causes of workplace conflicts and offer you steps to get back on track for a productive and efficient environment.      

Unaddressed squabbles reflect on your management  
team's skills and separating workers may not
resolve the friction.  
Management must always confront it ...
sooner rather than later.
Business owners and managers must address and invest in workforce controversy training.  Let Us Help!      

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