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March 2017 New Hire Kit Update

New Hire Kit

March 2017 Newsletter Update:

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New Hire Kit
Dear Don,

One of the areas where care in compliance with legal requirements is critical is the hiring process and related documentation.  This checklist and the related items aims to help employer navigate this process as easily as possible.  The documents shown in "bold" are included in this kit or file, under the item number shown on the checklist.  The other items - which have an "*" are available for our clients - all you need to do is request these forms or items from your consultant or contact at Cal Work Safety.

Now you can achieve business profitability and stay out of trouble!
Review this check list, select the forms you need to be legal.  That's it.

Cal Work Safety has made it simple and very easy.  We're the proven experts in labor and employment law on HR-related topics including: 

Downloadable Forms:      
  • W-4 Form:  Employee Withholding        
  • I-9 Form:  Employment Eligibility Verification            
  • Workers' Compensation Brochure (Available in Spanish too)
  • Form DE 2515:  Disability Insurance Pamphlet     
  • Form DE 2511: Paid Family Leave Pamphlet    
  • General Notice of COBRA Continuation Coverage Rights                    
  • New Employee(s) Report: Form DE-34                 
  • New Health Insurance Marketplace Coverage & Your Health Coverage      
  • Wage and Employment Notice to Employees    
  • Sexual Harassment Information Sheet                            
  • Permit to Work - Form B1-4
  • DE-4 California Employee Withholding Certificate                               
  • Independent Contractors Report - DE 542

Order New Hire Kit Forms:   

  • Initial Safety Training*
  • Emergency Information*                
  • Employee Handbook Receipt*            
  • Health Insurance and Benefits Information*    
  • Company Property Agreement*            
  • Job Description*
  • Employment Application*
  • Credit & Background Checking Forms*
  • Employment Offer Letter*
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It's Not Optional ... If Your HR Forms Are Not
Current You Are Jeopardizing Your Company
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