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February 2017 Newsletter

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February 2017 Newsletter Update:

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Update - February 2017
What To Do When LOA Hits Your Firm

Dear Don,

When one of your employees fails to return from a leave of absence, be cautious before terminating them.

Here is a Common Scenario:

An employee with a history of performance issues is suspended for three days. She then takes a one-week medical leave immediately after her suspension. The medical leave ends, but she doesn't come back to work.

There is a dispute about whether she told you she might need more time off following the one week, and you don't think she is asking for more leave. Your policy is that five days of unexcused absences is considered a voluntary resignation. (Most company policies allow only for three days no call-no show).

Should You:
  1. Tell her that she no longer works for you?
  2. Or try to get more information about why she continues to be absent before making a decision to terminate her employment?
The attached article describes the detailed story of a recent case regarding this topic. It defines the Best Practices employers must understand, including:
  • The steps they must take in dealing with a leave of absence termination
  • The legal path they must take to be within the law.

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