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California Office Safety

Dressler Book Available - Order Now - Click Here

New Book Offers Useful Tips that Enable Employers to Design and Implement a Cal/OSHA Injury and Illness Prevention Strategy

Don Dressler, a national leader in human resources and risk management solutions, and architect of the website, recently published his new book – California Office Safety - in 2010.

California Office Safety provides a clear guide for California business owners proven processes to maintain and preserve the safety and ongoing productivity of their employees. The book is based on Dressler’s experience in heading a workers’ compensation insurance company, a CEO focused on employees’ welfare, and as a consultant for safety and HR. 

“There is no such thing as an “accident.” Instead, there are situations that employers allow to happen, Dressler said.” Dressler concluded “There are dangers for which employees could be prepared, however they have not been trained, equipped or supervised to appropriately deal with them; my new book offers clear, concise plans that enable employers to implement processes that protect their employees’ safety and satisfy Cal/OSHA legal requirements.”

Injury and Illness Prevention Plan

New Dressler Book Available - Order Now - Click Here

Your Company's IIPP - How and Why You Write an Injury and Illness Prevention Plan

This e-book written by Don Dressler, an experienced labor and employment law attorney and former workers' compensation insurance company president, provides you with a starting place to either write your IIPP or help you gather the information necessary for a professional to complete the job for you. As the CEO of your company, a division supervisor of employees or a single employee clocking in for work, illness and injury prevention is YOUR job. It’s EVERYBODY’s job!  

As a practicing attorney and former President of a workers’ compensation insurance company, Dressler’s credentials provide the ideal credentials and experience for these discussions. Dressler is one of the nation’s leading experts in worker’s compensation analysis, illness, injury prevention and on-the-job accident investigations. He has provided extensive employer and employee consulting on this complex and sensitive issue.

Both books are available in EPUB for Adobe Digital Editions Format.

About Don Dressler Consulting

Don Dressler is an experienced labor and employment law attorney and former workers’ compensation insurance company president, senior consultant and Attorney-at-Law, and Architect of the Cal/OSHA Injury and Illness Prevention Plan. He is a nationally-recognized expert in workers’ compensation programs, self-insurance and captive programs, risk-management financing, and topical legal issues affecting business owners. For more information on Cal/OSHA compliance related to illness and injury prevention, sexual harassment, discrimination and similar legal issues, contact Don Dressler at (949) 553-3742, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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