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Work Safety Training Kit

Stop The Bleeding ... Our IIPP Plan Kit Mitigates Guesswork & Ensures You Are "Work Safety" Compliant

Our Work Injury Prevention Training Kit provides employers comprehensive and specialized work safety and ergonomic techniques designed to mitigate office and administrative work injuries.  Content available includes a complete array of specialized tools designed as a Do It Yourself resource.

Kit Contents:

  • Employer Letter
  • How to Use this DVD
  • Training Checklist
  • Work Safety Training Booklet
  • PowerPoint Training
  • PowerPoint Handout
  • Training Certificate of Completion
  • Employee Training Acknowledgement
  • Order Form
  • Kit Packing List
  • Ergonomics Quiz
  • Videos (Exercise 1-8)
  • Exercise 1: Axial Neck Transition and Head Turn
  • Exercise 2: Back Tension Relief (Part A)
  • Exercise 3: Back Tension Relief (Part B)
  • Exercise 4: Back Tension Relief (Part C)
  • Exercise 5: Repetitive Hand Strain - Rubber-band
  • Exercise 6: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Prevention (Part A)
  • Exercise 7: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Prevention (Part B)
  • Exercise 8: Torso Twist

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