HR Termination Kit

HR Termination Kit

Reduce Your Legal Risks And Manage The Impact Of Employee Terminations ... Discover Effective Steps To Shield Your Organization From Legal Consequences While Diminishing Complications Of Departing Employees

All employment relationships end at some point, and how that relationship is handled is one of the most emotionally charged and legally risky actions for employers.

It's Vital That Employers Protect Their Assets Against Potential Termination Claims

The Cal Work Safety Termination Kit ensures that you are required steps and HR forms that ensure compliance. Our effective Termination Kit offers employers all the necessary tools required to comply with all legal requirements while avoiding possible misunderstandings and complications.  Your Cal Work Safety HR Consultant helps you create a comprehensive strategy for employee management, including those uncomfortable steps.

Virtually No Employment-related Process Exists Without Involving Paperwork

We have the right solution to help you navigate the legal requirements of the termination process.  The Cal Work Safety Termination Kit includes all the latest versions of the necessary forms along with helpful tips about any concerns employers face with an employment termination.  Check out the downloadable forms below ... you will find the right tool just one click away!

HR Termination Kit

We recommend that you review the "Termination Decision Review" document FIRST. If you can't find an answer to your specific question, don't hesitate to contact one of our Cal Work Safety HR Consultants to discuss your concerns.

Kit Forms

  • Termination-Decision-Review.pdf
  • Final-Paycheck-Worksheet.pdf
  • Final-Paycheck-Acknowledgment.pdf
  • Notice-to-Employee-Change-in-Relationship.pdf
  • Form-DE-2320.pdf
  • Cal-COBRA-Notice-to-Carrier.pdf
  • Cal-COBRA-Notice-to-Employee.pdf
  • COBRA-Notice-to-Plan-Administrator.pdf
  • COBRA-Continuation-Coverage-Election-Notice-California-Employees.pdf
  • Acknowledgment-of-COBRA-Rights.pdf
  • Health-Insurance-Premium-HIPP-Notice.pdf
  • Exit-Interview.pdf
  • WARN-Notice-State-and-Local-Officials.pdf
  • Separation-Agreement-Overview.pdf
  • Termination-Checklist.pdf

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