Hotel Housekeeping Musculoskeletal Injury Prevention Program

CalWorkSafety Law Experts Assist Employers To Develop Safety Training Programs & Conduct Safety Meetings

Hotel Housekeeping Musculoskeletal Injury Prevention Program (MIPP) rules are real and employers are required to participate.  The new regulation requires hotels, lodging entities, resorts and bed-&-breakfast inns to implement new protection from musculoskeletal injury for all employees performing housekeeping tasks.  This Cal/OSHA Hotel Housekeeping MIPP is now mandatory!

The new MIPP Law prevents workplace hazards encountered by housekeepers and is designed to prevent musculoskeletal injury or cumulative trauma. Experienced CalWorkSafety law experts assist employers in developing safety training programs and conducting safety meetings and much more. Let us help you prepare.  Send us an email: today.


Achieve business profitability and stay out of trouble! We've got all the necessary tools you need to prevent workplace hazards, accidents and injuries and remain compliant.  Check out the list below and get started right away - the law is already in effect so don't delay!

The Experts Who Help You Prepare:

  • A property-specific MIPP for your California Hotel or Motel
  • What must be included in your MIPP
  • How to conduct an ergonomic assessment
  • How to conduct a compliant accident investigation
  • Training requirements for management
  • Sample training for housekeeping employees
  • References and resources for hotel and motel employees

Our Worksite Evaluations encompass scheduled periodic inspections with well-defined procedures that identify unsafe working conditions and work practices in each housekeeping task, process, or operation with consideration of potential causes of musculoskeletal injury and slip-trip-fall injuries.

Regular Workplace Evaluations identify workplace hazards and offer critical information and help companies implement proven steps to prevent accidents and workplace injuries.  Following essential information to recognize workplace hazards and identify the precautions prevents accidents and injuries on the job.

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The team at Cal Work Safety has the background & experience to make your life much easier.